City Church-Eastside Youth

Do you have a Middle Schooler (6th-8th Grade)? Join us on Sunday mornings and throughout the year. Contact Neal Salzman with questions about our next event.

Is that Middle Schooler looking for a community to be a part of? Maybe trying to figure how their passions fit in the body of believers? 

Photo by violetkaipa/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by violetkaipa/iStock / Getty Images

Mission: CCE Youth exists to build a community where Middle Schoolers get excited to know GOD, know each other and have the chance to meet those who may not walk with God. 


2nd Saturday Socials

Sunday Morning:  

Every 2nd Saturday of the month is a social event for the Middle Schoolers. Please check the church calendar for details! 

The Middle Schoolers get together on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month for a time of learning and discussing what the Gospel is. 

2nd Saturday Social 

Want to join us for our Saturday Socials? Check the Events page for our event! 

If you any question, please contact Kerstin Armstrong.