Our Vision

Joining God as Family on Mission for the Renewal of All Things.


City Church-Eastside was begun in 2008 with a dream of loving the great city of Atlanta, pursuing the good news of Jesus Christ for all of her people. Our vision was to create a family on mission that would join God in the renewal of our city. In the good news of Jesus Christ, we understand that we have been called sons and daughters by God the Father, making us brothers and sisters to one another. The Father has sent us out together on mission to proclaim the freedom we were designed for as human beings made in the image of a loving, just God.

And what do we mean by freedom? Freedom is both liberation from and to certain things. It is freedom from enslavement to sin. When enslaved, we trust in a distorted narrative that says that the good things of the world (sex, comfort, money, reputation, achievement, etc.) are enough to bring us a sense of significance, worth and value, only to find ourselves mired in anxiety, exhaustion, broken relationship and a general sense of dis-ease that robs us of inner peace. In Christ, who calls us the Beloved, we have all the reputation, status and value we could ever imagine or need, thereby freeing us to steward God’s creation (like sex, power, money, reputation and achievement!) that bring life to others.

And that means we are now free to serve others and our city. We are free to live generous lives in service to Christ, that our city and its citizens might experience the grace and glory of God. We are free to create communities that are genuinely attractive because of the grace and mercy of God that permeates them. And we are free to welcome others to join us as family on mission serving God in the renewal of all things.

To learn more about our denomination, please visit the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) website here.